Nonzero Games: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity- the classic card game that we all know and love, but on Discord with Nonzero. If it's your first time playing, or just want to familiarise yourself with the Nonzero way to play Cards Against Humanity, look no further than this guide.

How do I play?

The game starts off with each player being dealt 10 white cards, each card being a unique answer that they can use to fill in a blank. After cards have been dealt, the bot will assign a player to be the first round's Card Czar, who is responsible for choosing the winning card. The bot will announce the black card, which is a prompt with a blank. Players will play their white cards to fill in the blank to the best of their ability.

Afterwards, the Card Czar will pick the white card which they think suits the black card the best. The player who played the white card will gain a point, and all players will get their cards replenished, and a new player will become the Card Czar and repeat the cycle.

Key Terms

White Card

White cards are cards that are dealt to each player that they can play each round to respond to the black card. Each player will have 10 cards at any given time to play, and the cards will used will be replenished after each round. White cards

Black Card

A black card is a prompt that is revealed every round with one or more blanks that players can play a white card to fill in the blank as best as they can. Each round, the bot will randomly pick from a list of over 1000 black cards, which will keep the game dynamic.

Black card

Card Czar

The Card Czar is the current player who is overseeing the cards that are being played, and in turn decides which white card wins for the current round. The Czar will be rotated every round through the list of players in the game.

Ready to Play?

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